Prague Castle Gardens: A Botanical Paradise

The breathtaking, postcard-perfect Gardens below Prague Castle are nestled on the hill slopes, right below the magnificent castle. These gardens add a magical charm to the beauty of the castle and offer a visual treat to the eyes of visitors. They also play an important role in creating harmony amongst nature, history, and architecture. There are a total of five Baroque style Gardens below Prague Castle - the Ledebour Garden, Small and Large Palffy Gardens, Kolowrat Garden, and Small Fürstenberg Garden. These Prague Castle gardens lie on the Valdštejnská street, behind the Lesser Town palaces. Dating back to 1534, these gardens were established by renowned architects and eminent artists including Santini-Aichel, Palliardi, and Aliprandi.

Each Prague Castle gardens features its own individualized elements, offering a distinct appeal. The Small Fürstenberg Garden showcases stunning architectural elements featuring the four seasons. At Ledebour Garden you can see it flaunting picturesque murals and serving as an excellent wedding and ceremonial venue. While the Great Palffy Garden features a beautiful round pool with an impressive sculpted figurine of a blowing Triton, the Small Pálffy Garden is packed with beautiful, lush pear, sour cherry, and apple trees. The Kolowrat Garden is adorned with an awe-inspiring Baroque style fountain and apricot & pear trees, all of which happen to be a visual treat.

Royal Garden at Prague Castle
Royal Garden

Nestled within the majestic Prague Castle complex, the Royal Garden is one of the best Prague Castle Gardens steeped in history and splendor. Designed in the 16th century, this garden is home to well-manicured lawns, precise flowerbeds and an array of ornate statues and fountains. Wander through the garden’s labyrinthine pathways and get a chance to capture the breathtaking vistas of Prague’s picturesque skyline and the Vltava River below. The Royal Garden offers a serene escape to history and a serene retreat within the heart of Prague’s bustling cityscape.

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Garden on the Bastion in Prague Castle
Garden on the Bastion

The Garden on the Bastion, a hidden gem within Prague Castle Gardens, is one of the best gardens for visitors seeking tranquility. Nestled high on the castle’s fortifications, this garden rewards visitors with breathtaking views of Prague's skyline. This is one of those gardens below Prague Castle where nature and history perfectly blend together. The Bastion itself is a historic culture, adding a sense of grandeur to the surroundings. This is one of the gardens which is a must-visit to unwind and immerse in Prague’s rich heritage.

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South Gardens in Prague Castle
South Gardens

The South Gardens within the Prague Castle Gardens is a captivating blend of nature and history. These gardens offer a delightful experience that features terraced layouts, intricate patterns, and pruned hedges. The South Gardens are also home to the unique Singing Fountain, which combines music and amazing water displays. With panoramic views of Prague's skyline and the Vltava River, these gardens are a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Prague. 

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Terrace Of The Riding School in Prague Castle
Terrace Of The Riding School

The Terrace of the Riding School is a picturesque terrace that is known for its architectural elegance and natural beauty. The Riding School building is a masterpiece of Renaissance design which has meticulously landscaped gardens, adorned with colorful flower beds and beautiful pathways. From this vantage point, visitors can capture stunning views of Prague's landscape and the majestic Prague Castle. For those seeking culture and tranquility, the Terrace of the Riding School is a must-visit destination.

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Queen Anne's Summer Palace Garden
Queen Anne's Summer Palace Garden

Queen Anne’s Summer Palace Garden is a testament to elegance and historical charm. The garden surrounds Queen Anne’s Summer Palace which is a Baroque architectural marvel. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along with its beautiful pathways, lined with well-maintained hedges and vibrant floral displays. This garden also has a lovely fountain which adds more beauty and allure to the garden. The garden’s picturesque landscape allows visitors to step back in history and savor the regal beauty of Queen Anne’s Summer Palace Garden.

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Stag Moat in Prague Castle
Stag Moat

The Stag Moat is one of the most beautiful and unique attractions within the Prague Castle Gardens. Originally designed as a defense system for the castle, this historic moat has now transformed into a lush and tranquil paradise. This is one of the best gardens below Prague Castle which is home to a wide variety of wildlife and features a picturesque lake. Visitors can wander along its pathways while enjoying Prague's skyline and stunning views of the Prague Castle. 

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Orangery in Prague Castle

The Orangery is an elegant structure, dating back to the 16th century. It serves as a testament to both architectural beauty and botanical fascination. The Orangery houses an extensive array of exotic plants, offering a lush and serene retreat. Visitors can explore this tranquil oasis, which is surrounded by vibrant greenery, and appreciate the historical significance of the building. This is one of the best destinations to visit for those looking to explore Prague Castle’s rich heritage.

Vineyard Garden in Prague Castle
Vineyard Garden

The Vineyard Garden is a picturesque garden that is named for its lush-vine-covered trellises. It is one of the best gardens to visit which creates a serene and inviting atmosphere for all the visitors. It offers visitors a chance to wander through beautifully landscaped paths, admire the colorful flowers, and enjoy stunning views of Prague’s skyline. The Vineyard Garden is a perfect spot to immerse yourself in the natural beauty while exploring the rich history of Prague Castle.

Horticultural Gardens in Prague Castle
Horticultural Gardens

The Horticultural Gardens is one of the best gardens below Prague Castle which showcases a rich tapestry of horticultural delights which features well-maintained flowerbeds, lush greenery and a stunning array of plant species. These gardens allow visitors to immerse themselves in these beautiful landscapes while taking in the historical charm of Prague Castle. The Horticultural Gardens offers a peaceful escape, inviting nature lovers and history enthusiasts to appreciate this perfect blend of nature and history that characterizes this exquisite corner of Prague Castle.

Why Visit Prague Castle Gardens?

Historical Significance
Historical Significance

The Prague Castle Gardens takes visitors back to the centuries, making it one of the best destinations to visit for history enthusiasts. These lush green spaces are steeped in historical significance, as they have witnessed the rise and fall of empires, the footsteps of kings, and the evolution of architectural styles. Dating back to the 16th century, the gardens have served as a reflection of the city’s dynamic past. When visitors walk through these gardens, they will feel like stepping into the time machine, where they can explore Prague's rich cultural heritage.

Gardens at Prague Castle
Architectural Wonders

The gardens are not only about nature, they also showcase the beauty of architectural wonders. Each garden has its own unique architectural elements, from Baroque-style summer palaces to Renaissance-inspired orangeries. The grandeur of these structures is awe-inspiring and offers visitors a glimpse into the artistic and architectural achievements of their respective eras. The way these amazing buildings are placed next to the beautiful gardens will amaze the visitors with the stunning views.

Gardens below Prague Castle
Serene Ambiance

One of the best things about these gardens is the serene ambiance they offer to the visitors. In the heart of the bustling city, these gardens provide a peaceful sanctuary where visitors can escape the chaos of urban life. The well-maintained lawns, the gentle murmur of fountains, and the fragrance of blooming flowers, all contribute to creating a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation. These gardens are the perfect spots where visitors can take leisurely strolls or simply sit on the grass and enjoy the tranquility.

Prague Castle Gardens
Delightful Discoveries

Exploring the gardens is a beautiful journey as it is filled with unexpected discoveries. When visitors wander along stunning pathways, they will explore hidden corners, charming nooks, and whimsical features. From the singing fountain in the South Gardens to the picturesque vine-covered trellises in the Vineyard Garden, there is always something to discover. These gardens are a treasure trove of delightful surprises, making each visit to these gardens a unique and memorable experience.

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What can I see at Prague Castle Gardens?

    At Prague Castle Gardens, you can admire the historical architecture like Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, relax in serene courtyards, and enjoy beautiful flowerbeds. The gardens also boast unique features like the Singing Fountain, charming statues, and panoramic views of Prague’s skyline and Vltava River. Each garden has its own unique feature which is a must to explore.

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