Prague Castle: A Symbol of Czech Heritage

Dominating the stunning skyline of the city, the magnificent Prague Castle is an iconic structure of the country that can be explored with Prague Castle tickets. Serving as the President’s official residence, the Prague Castle was originally constructed in 970 AD to serve as a fortress but later offered a residence to Bohemia’s kings. The Castle still retains the prime architectural designs of the bygone times, though it has been subjected to multiple changes over the past years. Some of the important highlights of Prague Castle complex include the largest church of Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral and one of the city’s oldest churches, St. George's Basilica. The alley of the ancient goldsmiths, the Golden Lane; and the seat of the Bohemian kings along with the Old Royal Palace are also some of the attractions seen inside. Visitors can access the Prague Castle complex by selecting and booking their tickets from an array of affordable ticket options available online. Buy exciting combo tickets of this breathtaking castle that adds a magical rustic charm to the flamboyant, modern Czech capital and get the chance to pay less and explore more.

Book Prague Castle Tickets


  • Secure your Prague Castle tickets and be captivated by its architectural amalgamation of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque designs.
  • Be drawn into the allure of the Czech Republic's Crown Jewels, a treasure held within the Royal Treasury of Prague Castle.
  • Lose yourself in the grandeur of St. Vitus Cathedral, showcasing remarkable stained glass windows, majestic spires, and chapels.
  • Revel in the tales of the historic Golden Lane, where once the castle's craftsmen resided in vibrant houses.
  • Embrace the panoramic vistas from the castle's elevated points, capturing Prague's iconic landmarks like Charles Bridge.
  • Saunter through the meticulously maintained gardens, from the tranquil Royal Garden to the enchanting Queen Anne's Summer Palace spaces.
  • Conclude your exploration in the opulent halls of Old Royal Palace and Lobkowicz Palace, former abodes of the Czech royalty.


  • Priority entry to Prague Castle and inside areas
  • A brief English overview at the gathering spot
  • Entry to the Charles Bridge Museum
Prague Castle: Skip The Line Tickets
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Prague Castle Skip The Line Tickets
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Book Prague Castle Tour with Local Guide


  • Embark on the Prague Castle guided tour and uncover its majestic charm alongside an expert local guide.
  • Gaze upon the architectural marvels of Prague Castle, including the Old Royal Palace and the mystique Golden Lane.
  • Experience the grandeur of St. Vitus Cathedral, its Gothic artistry enhanced by the vibrant Alfons Mucha's stained glass windows.
  • Relish anecdotes of revered figures like St. Wenceslas and Charles IV as you visit their resting places within the castle.
  • Venture into the Basilica of St. George, a repository of 12th-century frescoes and tales of Czech saints.
  • Walk along the nostalgic streets of the Golden Lane, once home to renowned personalities, including the enigmatic Franz Kafka.
  • Dive deep into the daily lives of Prague's artisans as you explore the restored abodes and studios nestled in the Golden Lane.


  • Tram tickets
  • Skip-the-line entry tickets to Prague Castle
  • Skip-the-line entry tickets to attractions like St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and the Golden Lane
  • Audio guide and headphones
  • Expert local English-speaking guide
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Prague Castle Tickets Options

Tickets for Prague Castle can be booked online from us at exciting deals and discounts. If you are planning a tour only to the Prague Castle, you can book your slot online on your choice of date, well in advance. By booking your tickets online, you can skip standing and waiting in the long ticket line at the castle and directly enter the place.If you have enough time on your hand, complement the trip to the Prague Castle by adding other mega attractions to your itinerary. Some of the best combo tickets include - 3-Hour Walking Tour of Old Town & Prague Castle; Lobkowicz Palace and Prague Castle Combo Tickets; Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, Clock Tower Entry Tickets. Many of the tickets come with professional guides for a better experience who will enlighten you with the history and hidden facts about the place.

Prague Castle Tickets
Prague Castle Tickets

This is the most budget friendly ticket option available which you can take for visiting Prague Castle. The ticket is valid for two days and includes entry to the various attractions inside Prague Castle complex. On your exploration tour of Prague Castle complex, you will - visit the largest and most important church of the city of Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral and be mesmerized by its stunning architecture; learn about the Bohemian kings at the seat of the emperors, the Old Royal Palace; pay your respect to Saint George at St. George’s Basilica; take a stroll through the cobblestoned streets of the beautiful Golden Lane.

Walking Tour of Old Town & Prague Castle
3-Hour Walking Tour of Old Town & Prague Castle

This tour will let you experience the glorious past and the fascinating present of Prague along with acquainting you to the city’s rich history, architecture, and legendary folk tales. By selecting this ticket option, visitors can get a chance to discover both the Old Town and the Prague Castle on a fully guided walking tour. The attractions that the tourists can explore are Prague's Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Church of St. Nicholas, Charles Bridge, and of course the Prague Castle.

Prague Castle Tour
Prague Castle Tour with Local Guide

With this ticket, you can skip the line of entry and directly embark on a fascinating 2.5 hour guided tour of Prague Castle. To make this tour more educational, you will be aided with expert commentary from a knowledgeable professional local guide. After meeting your guide at the Malostranská metro station, you will take a tram and reach Prague Castle. Once your guide provides you the headphones to listen to the live commentary, you will embark on your tour. See the chapels, tombs, and stained glass windows of St. Vitus. Visit the Old Royal Palace and admire the striking vaulted ceiling of the stunning Vladislav Hall. Marvel at the stone walls and 12th-century frescoes of St. George Basilica. Walk through Golden Lane and check out the renovated homes and workshops.

Lobkowicz Palace and Prague Castle
Lobkowicz Palace and Prague Castle Combo Tickets

With this ticket, you can head on a self-guided tour of two of the best attractions of Prague, the Lobkowicz Palace and the Prague Castle. On this Prague Castle tour, you can explore the five most important and popular attractions that are inside the castle complex, including the Golden Lane, the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, and St. George's Basilica. One of the major highlights of this tour is that you will be able to witness Central Europe’s oldest and largest art collection at the fascinating private museum of the Lobkowicz Palace. Marvel at the brilliant masterpieces created by legendary artists, including Velázquez, Brueghel, and Canaletto at the intriguing Museum of the Palace.

Prague Jewish Quarter
Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, Clock Tower Entry Tickets

By selecting this ticket option, visitors can skip the line of entry at three famous attractions of Prague and embark on their self guided tour. On this tour, they can explore the historical Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, and the Astronomical Clock Tower. You can learn the glorious history and marvel at the spectacular interiors at Prague Castle.At Jewish Quarter, you can experience the breathtaking cultural heritage. Heading to the Clock Tower, you can soak in the mesmerizing views of the entire city of Prague.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle and Jewish Quarter Tour with Cruise and Lunch

With this ticket, you will get a unique and exquisite opportunity to experience the beautiful Prague city both by water and land. This 6-hour fascinating tour will let you explore Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, and many other famous attractions of the city. You will take the tram and reach the Prague Castle complex. Post a coffee break, you will head to explore the culturally-impressive Jeweish Quarter and the cobblestoned streets and quaint alleys of the Old Town. This will be followed by a toothsome lunch with local delicacies at a famous local restaurant. Next, you will enjoy the serene cruise ride down the beautiful Vltava river and soak in the panoramic views of Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle
2 Hour Guided Tour of Prague Castle & Castle District

By booking this ticket, you can head on a 2 hours guided tour of Prague Castle and Castle District. This tour will take you back in time as you learn about the magical Czech history, marvel at the various iconic monuments and admire the age-old courtyards of the castle. You can explore the postcard-perfect, colourful Royal Gardens, the most important church of the city, St. Vitus Cathedral; the second church of the complex, St. George's Basilica; and the ever-charming Charles Bridge.

Alchemy & Mysteries of Prague
Alchemy & Mysteries of Prague Castle Guided Tour

By selecting this ticket option, you will choose for yourself a completely unique experience of Prague castle and head on a 3-hour night tour, exploring the untold mysteries of this iconic landmark. Throughout your tour, you will be guided by an experienced and knowledgeable local guide, who will narrate you interesting stories of ancient Prague. You will also be able to soak in the mesmerizing views of Prague city illuminated beautifully with colourful lights.

Prague Castle Museum
Prague Castle, National Museum, and Old Town Hall Combo Ticket

This combo ticket will let you skip the long ticket line and directly head to explore the Prague Castle, National Museum, and Old Town Hall. Wander around the Prague Castle complex and check out the stunning towers, palaces and halls, flaunting brillant architectural designs. You can visit popular attractions and landmarks including St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, Daliborka Tower, and Golden Lane in Prague Castle. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the Prague city, standing atop this beautiful Gothic-style Astronomical Clock Tower.

Why to Book Prague Castle Tickets Online?

Booking Prague Castle tickets online can provide numerous advantages for travelers eager to experience this iconic attraction seamlessly. Here are some reasons why you should book your Prague Castle Tickets online from our website:

Convenience: Booking Prague Castle tour online from our website is extremely convenient. You can do it from the comfort of your home or office, without having to visit any ticket counters or travel agencies.

Time-Saving: Booking tickets to Prague Castle online can save you a lot of time. You don't have to stand in long queues at the ticket counters or wait for a travel agent to book your tickets. With just a few clicks on our website, you can book your tickets within minutes.

Easy Booking: Our website offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to book your Prague Castle tour online. You can select your preferred date and time, choose your ticket type, and make the payment securely.

Exclusive Offers: By booking your tickets online from our website, you can avail of exclusive offers and discounts that are not available at ticket counters or travel agencies.

24/7 Availability: Our website is available 24/7, so you can book your Prague Castle tour online at any time that suits you.

Flexibility: By booking your tickets online from our website, you can choose the date and time of your choice, as per your schedule and convenience. This gives you the flexibility to plan your trip as per your preferences.

In summary, booking tickets to Prague Castle online from our website is a convenient, time-saving, and flexible option that can help you avoid long queues and avail of exclusive offers. So, book your Prague Castle tickets online from our website today and enjoy a hassle-free trip!

What is the Best Way to Buy Prague Castle Tickets?

Prague Castle
  • Convenience: One of the most convenient ways to explore this landmark is by availing the Prague Castle tickets online. This helps you to skip the long lines at the traditional ticket counters as well as at the entry gates. All you need to do is a few taps on your device, be it from your home, a cosy cafe or your hotel room. 

  • Advance Reservations: Another easy way to get your Prague Castle tickets is to book them in advance. By doing so, you are guaranteed entry even during the busiest of seasons. This foresight allows you to craft a meticulous travel itinerary, placing the Prague Castle visit within a broader tapestry of experiences, all while being assured of your spot in exploring this iconic landmark.

  • Great Discounts: Online tickets to the Prague Castle also offer you the chance to avail of potential discounts. Digital platforms often showcase exclusive deals, seasonal offers, and bundled packages. As a result, you get the dual benefit of a cultural experience at Prague Castle, paired with the satisfaction of a smart purchase.

  • Free Cancelation: Flexibility is crucial in travel, given the unpredictability of plans. Embracing the online avenue for your Prague Castle tickets grants you this very flexibility. Many online platforms offer a free cancellation policy. So, if a sudden change of plans or an unforeseen event crops up, rest easy knowing you can adjust your visit without fretting over lost money or complex refund processes. 

Prague Castle Highlights

Prague Castle Gardens
Prague Castle Gardens

Your Prague Castle tour would be incomplete without immersing yourself in the lush tranquillity of the Prague Castle Gardens. The gardens, nestling in Malá Strana, present a delicate blend of manicured lawns, aromatic flower beds, and striking architectural gems, including Queen Anne's Summer Palace. Ascend the terraces and you're greeted with a captivating panoramic vista of Prague's skyline. The Royal Garden, with its rich legacy since 1534, stands out as a serene retreat, while the South Gardens tell tales of Archduke Ferdinand's private space, capturing the essence of Prague's historical charm.

Daliborka Tower
Daliborka Tower

Stepping into Daliborka Tower, you'll find yourself traversing through Prague Castle's enigmatic history. A stark reminder of the castle's grim past, this tower, hidden at the Golden Lane's eastern end, unveils tales of dungeons, mediaeval punishments, and its notorious prisoner, Dalibor of Kozojedy, for whom it's named. Today, Daliborka houses a fascinating display of prison relics. As you meander through the Golden Lane, memories of literary icon Franz Kafka might just inspire you, making your Prague Castle tickets online purchase truly worthwhile.

Changing of the Guard
Changing of the Guard

No visitor should miss the majestic Changing of the Guard during their tour of Prague Castle. Taking place daily at noon in the castle's first courtyard, this ceremony is a mesmerising confluence of tradition, precision, and pageantry. As the clock strikes, watch with bated breath as the guards, resplendent in their emblematic uniforms, demonstrate an impeccable shift change, augmented by resonant fanfare and vibrant banners. Securing your Prague Castle tickets ensures that you are part of this age-old spectacle, resonating with the heartbeats of Prague's cultural heritage.

Attractions at Prague Castle

Old Royal Palace
Old Royal Palace

Dating back to 1135, the Old Royal Palace happens to be one of the oldest structures at the Prague Castle. As history has it, this palace was constructed on the remnants of the Romanesque Soběslav Palace. Featuring breathtaking renaissance and Gothic architectural designs, this beautiful palace is nothing less than a visual treat. Initially, this palace was used by the Czech princesses and later, between the 13th and the 16th century, the palace was used by the king.

The Vladislav Hall
The Vladislav Hall

Established almost 500 years ago and known to be one of the largest secular halls in the Prague Castle, the Vladislav Hall flaunts a mesmerizing Late Gothic architectural design. The magnificent Vladislav Hall served as the venue for the important royal events of the state, such as the knight’s tournaments, coronation festivals, and gala dinners. The hall serves for similar purposes even today and is used for ceremonial gatherings, presidential elections, and other prime events organized by the state.

St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral

Known to be Pague’s largest temple, St. Vitus Cathedral flaunts impressive gothic and neo-gothic architectural designs with its beautiful stained glass windows. The beautiful bronze door of the cathedral features reliefs that showcase various historical scenes. This cathedral served as the venue for coronation ceremonies and religious events of the royal family. Apart from that, the cathedral was also used as the burial site of many saints and noblemen.

St. George's Basilica
St. George's Basilica

The renowned St. George's Basilica is known to have been restored, reconstructed, and extended multiple times in the past. This basilica happens to be the second church built in the complex and is also considered to be one of the oldest churches here. At present the basilica serves as a venue for various important cultural events and concerts conducted by the state. The main nave of the basilica, features the tombs of the various members of the Premyslid dynasty.

Golden Lane at Prague Castle
Golden Lane

Lying on the north-eastern corner of the Prague Castle, the charming Golden Lane is basically a postcard perfect cobblestoned street. The street is beautifully bordered by small, quaint houses, dating back to the 16th century. During your Prague Castle tour, you can take a walk through this lane and you will feel as if you have traveled back in time to the Renaissance era.

Great South Tower of Prague Castle
Great South Tower of the Cathedral

The magnificent and beautiful Great South Tower of the Cathedral happens to be a 100-meter high tower, dating back to the 15th century. It is popular for the Zikmund, its classic bell, which is also known to be the Czech Republic’s largest bell. There is a set of 287 steps to reach the top of this gigantic Great South Tower. Upon reaching the summit, visitors can soak in the breathtaking, rewarding views.

Know Before You Go To Prague Castle

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Prague Castle

Location: Hradčany, 119 08 Prague 1, Czechia


  • April 1st to October 31st: 09:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M
  • November 1st to March 31st: 09:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Prague Castle is during the early morning hours. Try to arrive before the opening hours of the castle, ideally around 08:30 a.m., which will help you to enjoy the serenity of the majestic grounds and intricate architecture without the bustling crowds. As the day advances, the venue gets busier, so an early start ensures a peaceful and immersive experience.


What is included in the Prague Castle Tickets?

    There are many types of tickets for Prague Castle and each one comes with different benefits and features. The common inclusions that come with all the tickets are entry fee to the castle, tram tickets to reach the location, and guided tours.

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