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Apart from being a prominent landmark of Prague, the magnificent castle holds cultural significance for the Czechs. There are a number of exciting exhibitions held inside Prague Castle that will offer you a glimpse into the history of the castle. Different exhibitions take place in different buildings of the castle and each exhibition has a different theme and displays different art pieces. Discover one of the most popular Prague Castle exhibitions, the Picture Gallery, which has an astounding collection of paintings and sculptures from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Another very famous exhibition is held at the Lobkowicz Palace, where you will get to see some rare manuscripts, musical instruments amongst other treasures. A must-see exhibition at Prague Castle is undoubtedly the Treasury, as the name explains, you will get to see the real treasure of the Czech Republic, which includes royal jewels and precious crowns. 

Famous Exhibitions at Prague Castle

Prague Castle, one of the most famous landmarks in Prague, is home to a vast array of exhibitions that showcase the history, art, and culture of the Czech Republic. Here are some of the best things to do and see in Prague Castle exhibitions:

Prague Castle Picture Gallery
Prague Castle Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery is one of the oldest existing and most visited Prague Castle exhibitions, which takes place right in the heart of the castle, the Old Royal Palace. As the name suggests, the exhibition displays an amazing collection of more than 100 paintings, dating back to the 16th to 19th century. Marvel at the details of these masterpieces by famous painters like Tintoretto, Rubens, and Canaletto and learn about the historical context of these magnificent paintings.

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Jiří Štourač - The Belvedere
Jiří Štourač - The Belvedere

Jiří Štourač was an extra-ordinary painter whose paintings are displayed at one of the exhibitions at Prague Castle in the Belvedere, also known as the Royal Summer Palace. His famous works include still life paintings and large canvases with figural paintings, mainly of his relatives, depicting personal stories. Two floors of the palace are completely dedicated to his paintings, with still lifes and Mediterranean architecture displayed on the first and figural paintings on the second. His paintings were a blend of staged landscapes, historical architecture, and family-related contemporary art that made his work unique and popular among tourists. 

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What are some of the best exhibitions at Prague Castle?

    Picture Gallery is one of the most popular Prague Castle exhibitions where visitors will get to see paintings and sculptures dating back to the 16th to 19th century. Other famous exhibitions include the one at The Lobkowicz Palace, which displays rare manuscripts and musical instruments, and the Treasury, which showcases the stunning collection of royal jewels. 

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